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Who We Are

By the Community, For the Community


CoMoGives Returns December 2014!

CoMoGives 2013 was  such a success that the Community Foundation will offer it again this coming December. CoMoGives is an easy and fun end-of-year campaign to support participating local nonprofit organizations. All a donor needs do is go to the CoMoGives website during 12/1-31, choose a charity, choose a donation amount, and then return to watch–and each donation helps the chosen organization qualify for $6,000 in challenge grants from the Community Foundation. Over $62,000 was donated through CoMoGives in December 2013, and we’re very grateful for everyone’s support and participation.


The Community Foundation of Central Missouri is an independent, nonprofit organization created by and for the people of our community.  We are part of a rapidly growing field of over 700 community foundations, each acting as community savings accounts for communities around the country.

We are a foundation by the community, managing a variety of funds. Funds are established by families, individuals, and businesses.  We’re here to help donors make a difference for the causes they care about most in the area. . . . Forever.

We are a foundation for the community, building the capacity of community organizations.  We’re here to help charities fulfill their mission and make a difference for their community. . . . Forever.

Features of a Community Foundation

Confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for Community Foundations.


Baker shares CFCM information for NewsLeaders

CFCM Executive Director John Baker was interviewed a second time for MediaCom’s NewsLeaders series. The interviews have gone well and are posted here as informative videos about the central work of the Community Foundation. Each interview is only 5 minutes in length. They answer many questions that you may have about the Foundation. The top clip was recorded in mid-2012; the lower clip in fall 2012. Please watch.

Untitled from Mediacom Connections on Vimeo.

Donor Stories

City of Columbia Establishes the Columbia Arts Fund with CFCM

The City of Columbia recognizes the power of philanthropy to enhance the arts by establishing the new Columbia Arts Fund.  The City provided an initial kick-off contribution of $10,000 to the new Fund.  The Columbia Arts Foundation will receive donations from persons who wish to see the arts prosper in the Columbia community–arts education, performances, public art, art shows, and more.  The Fund is advised by one City employee and four citizen volunteers who serve on the City of Columbia’s Commission on Cultural Affairs.

Featured Partner

Boonville Community Foundation

The City of Boonville, Missouri, recognized that the power of philanthropy could address some social, charitable needs in their community.  In early 2012 the City established . . . 
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