2016 Community Granting Fund Application

All questions require an answer. When completing this application, adhere to the character (not word) limits that apply to specific questions. Spaces count as characters. We suggest preparing your answers in a word processor that counts characters and then pasting your final version into the form. The application is created to stop your typing at the specified character limits. Please type your initials in the space below indicating that you have read and accept this guidance.

Please type your initials in the space below to indicate that you have read the 2016 Granting Process document found on the Granting page of the Community Foundation website and agree to all of its terms.

Name of Organization applying for grant

Full address of Organization


Applicant's preferred email address

Organization's website address

Organization's EIN

Year Organization was granted IRS 501(c)(3) status

Organization's mission or mission statement (150 characters maximum, including spaces)

List of current governing body members (file uploads may not work on some mobile devices)

Amount of Grant Requested

Description of program/project for grant (500 characters maximum, including spaces)

Goal(s) of the program/project (400 characters maximum, including spaces)

How you will evaluate program/project results to determine if the program/project was successful (400 characters maximum, including spaces)

Proposed program/project budget

Start date estimate of program/project

Stop date estimate of program/project (must be on or prior to 08/30/2017)

Organization's most recent year's operating budget

Do you have other funding sources for this program/project?

If Yes, please provide funding source name(s) and amount received or pending for this program/project (250 characters maximum, including spaces)
If No, please type your organization's name in the text box provided (the box requires some sort of prose entry from every applicant to submit the form).

When finished, click "Submit"

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